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About Fulcrum Research Group

We founded Fulcrum Research Group in 2010 because we wanted the freedom and flexibility to conduct the best possible market research and consulting for our clients.

Escape from large multinationals

The three founding partners grew up in boutique firms that were absorbed by multinational corporations. We saw the resulting changes, and we sought a return to the client-first mentality. We created Fulcrum Research Group so that we, and our senior-level colleagues, can spend the time necessary to give clients exactly what they need without worrying about stockholder-driven goals and priorities.

A home for creativity, teamwork, and partnership

We support these values because we think they lead to better market research, better insights, and better outcomes for our clients.

  • Creativity: No cookie-cutter approaches here! While we leverage our past experiences for efficiency, we make sure each project is uniquely suited to address each client's needs.
  • Teamwork: We work collaboratively, drawing from each individual's expertise and skills, to maximize the value we bring to each project.
  • Partnership: We partner with our clients as if they were colleagues. Their emergencies become our emergencies; their must-haves become our must- delivers. We sweat the details so they don’t have to. Or goal is to make our clients look good.

Senior Staff

Erik Coats, Ph.D.

Managing Partner
Erik has been designing and executing research for more than 20 years, the past 12 years working exclusively with healthcare clients. During this time he has helped marketing teams find leverage for drugs, biologics, and devices to help treat, prevent, or diagnose more than 50 different diseases: from terminal cancer to the common cold. He especially enjoys work focused on products in development or inline brands during times of difficulty (e.g., new competitor, unfavorable market events, declining market share). Erik’s early training includes a Ph.D. in experimental social psychology with a concentration in quantitative methods.

Kelly Marino

Managing Partner
Kelly has been working with healthcare clients for over 15 years, creating custom research to solve challenging business problems. She has worked in most major therapeutic categories with extensive experience in infectious diseases, vaccines, oncology, cardiovascular, and metabolic diseases. In addition to exploring marketing challenges from the physician perspective, she has particular expertise in capturing the payer point of view. From global payers and large managed care and pharmacy benefits management organizations to hospital and healthcare systems, Kelly has experience exploring and integrating insights from this key customer group to help address client challenges. Kelly has a BA in psychology from Colgate University.

Lucy Robin, Ph.D.

Managing Partner
Lucy loves the science and psychology of market research. No matter the engagement or topic, she derives great satisfaction from creating optimal instruments and analyses (be they qualitative or quantitative) and writing reports that provide clear and compelling guidance on what to do next. Lucy's 20+ years of research experience were built on a Ph.D. in social psychology with a concentration in quantitative methods from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and an AB in psychology from Cornell University.

Rebecca Gould

Executive Vice President
Rebecca has over 10 years of experience in custom market research focused exclusively on the biopharmaceutical / medical device industries. Rebecca enjoys both qualitative moderating and quantitative analysis and excels at leading projects that deliver usable insights. While Rebecca's clients span a range of therapeutic areas, she has extensive experience working with rare diseases and understanding their unique challenges. In addition, Rebecca also has a special interest in helping medical device clients better understand their customers, their needs, and how to best leverage market opportunities. Rebecca holds a BA in psychology from Wesleyan University.

Ken Wikler, Ph.D.

Vice President
For over 12 years, Ken has partnered with clients to design and implement a wide range of custom global qualitative and quantitative healthcare research projects. Ken's background in neuroscience research and biomedical R&D informs his special interest in identifying key market opportunities for products in development. Kenhas extensive experience interviewing KOLs, clinicians, patients, payers, and other healthcare professionals across the world. In addition to expertise across a spectrum of therapeutic areas, he brings a special focus to oncology and Immuno-oncology, rare diseases, and auto-immune diseases. Ken has a Ph.D. from Cornell University.

Tom Alesi

Senior Vice President
For over 10 years, Tom has been conducting market research exclusively for healthcare clients. During that time he has provided strategic insights to address pressing business questions for brands across the product lifecycle spectrum. And while Tom is well versed in an array of disease categories, his particular area of expertise is oncology market research. From solid tumors to hematologic malignancies, treatments in development to inline brands, domestic to global, Tom has the experience needed to successfully execute any type of oncology study. Tom graduated from St. Joseph's University with a BS in Marketing.

Brad Tebbets, Ph.D.

Senior Research Director
Brad is a scientist with an entrepreneurial spirit, and market research combines his passions for science and industry. He enjoys leveraging his scientific expertise, business acumen, and creativity to produce insightful, easily understood deliverables. Brad has nearly a decade of infectious disease experience as a researcher and healthcare analyst. He has written several global business intelligence reports on various disease indications, including influenza vaccines. Brad’s educational background includes a Ph.D. in microbiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BS in biotechnology from the Rochester Institute of Technology

Emily Wu

Senior Research Director
Emily’s early research on characterizing muscular dystrophy mutations with zebrafish models inspired her interest in drug development – an interest she now applies to designing and executing custom pharmaceutical market research. Emily has managed a wide range of quantitative and qualitative engagements but has particular expertise in customized demand studies that inform short- and long-term forecasts. Much of her work has required satisfying multiple stakeholders within pharmaceutical client organizations and she enjoys the challenges this poses for design and reporting. Emily’s therapeutic knowledge is broad and includes deep understanding of autoimmune disorders (e.g., ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease), respiratory conditions (e.g., cystic fibrosis, asthma), metabolic disorders (e.g., obesity, type 2 diabetes), oncology and vaccines. Emily holds a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan.

Jason Kitayama

Senior Research Director
Jason has more than 17 years experience in the healthcare industry, the last 10 of which have been spent delivering primary market research that drives commercialization and marketing strategy. While he has worked across a broad range of therapeutic areas for pharma and biopharm clients, his particular area of expertise is medical devices. He particularly enjoys customer needs assessments that help his client develop products and services that improve the experience of the patient and physician. Jason holds an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and a BS in Business Administration from Emmanuel College.

Sarah Ehsani

Senior Research Director
Sarah has 8 years of qualitative and quantitative experience exclusively in the biopharmaceutical industry. She has managed a number of domestic and international projects, and has delivered findings on objectives that span early product development to post-launch brand assessment. Sarah is particularly adept at managing a variety of quantitative projects, including trackers, market landscape, and positioning and messaging. Sarah has a BS in Biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is a former research assistant at Tufts New England Medical Center.

Andrew Doerr

Senior Research Director
Andrew is always in search of a compelling story. His focus on finding a compelling narrative in every market research engagement has been sharpened both while executing research and while serving as a client-side consultant. While he has experience across several therapeutic areas, Andrew has a particular interest in rare diseases. Andrew holds a BA in English and French from Georgetown University.

Kelly Harrod-Lui, MS

Senior Research Director
Kelly has worked extensively on both the client and supplier side of market research. When designing research she draws from her deep methodological toolkit of research methods, but also from her understanding of what clients need to satisfy their internal stakeholders. She also appreciates the need for research to be more efficient; to provide deeper insights even though budgets and timelines can be tight. While she is skilled in both qualitative and quantitative methods, she’s most passionate about uncovering “the things you didn’t know you didn’t know" in qualitative research. Kelly has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas A&M University and also has a Master of Science in Marketing Research from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Adam Marchany

Research Director
Adam loves writing reports. He enjoys uncovering the story in the data—qualitative or quantitative—and connecting findings back to clients’ business questions. He recognizes that this is only possible when clients’ interests are kept top of mind throughout the research process. Adam’s 5 years of experience includes numerous types of research methods, but his greatest strengths are in managing quantitative tracking studies. Adam holds a Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Marketing and Economics from Boston College.

Jennifer Do

Senior Director of Operations
Jennifer has been working in healthcare market research for 13 years, the past ten specializing in field and operations management. Jennifer assists research teams in designing optimal recruiting strategies and proactively troubleshooting issues related to recruitment, fielding, and data collection. Her deep expertise and her close partnerships with vendors help to ​ensure the highest quality research respondents for both quantitative and qualitative projects. Jennifer holds a degree in Operations & Information Systems Management from Penn State University.

Provo Roellich

Director of Information Design
Provo is Fulcrum’s Director of Information Design. She has been transforming complex data into captivating visuals for over 10 years. Provo works with all Fulcrum teams to help create deliverables for qual and quant studies that are both elegant and intuitive for the end client. Provo appreciates the complexity behind what market research outputs often need to convey, and expertly applies design principles to preserve the sophistication of work within simplified and compelling presentations. Provo is a proud Reedie, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Reed College in Portland, Oregon.